Your's Truly

I put Bonnie's Bites together for 2 reason's:
  1. My love for food
  2. To become healthier
I have lost 40+ pounds by eating better, and becoming more active. I wanted to share some of the food I am eating with you my reader.

Some of these recipes are my own, some I found from fellow bloggers, online, magazines,  and some from family. I will give credit to all. This is just a place for me to share all of the recipes that I have come to love.

I am in no way a chef, cook, baker, etc. I actually don't think I can cook at all, but I do enjoy baking from time to time.

I am a 33yr old, full time working, wife & mother. I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do I enjoy reading, finding new foods to cook, and blogging.

You can read about my weight loss journey here at Fat Be Gone
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